Changed some things on the website today. Also, there was a problem with the single release which caused a delay of a few days with the iTunes/Apple Music release. I contacted my distributor and hopefully they sorted it out. If so, then my debut single "Find a Way" should be available everywhere very soon. You can check where it is live at the moment on the "Music" Tab at the top, I'll always add links to the major stores and streaming sites there.

Semester is finally over, which means I'll have a bit more time to work on music and video stuff over the next two and a half months. There were a few things this month that slowed me down a bit, like the absolutely crazy heatwave that we experienced earlier this month in Europe. With all of my tube equipment running my room heats up to over 30°C (86°F) in about an hour in that weather, it's absolutely unbearable. I also got a new audio interface and subsequently had to deal with a some computer problems, which took a few days more than exspected. Anyway I'm back to editing and mixing the first single now and I hope I'll be able to send it off to mastering soon.

Just finished painting a self portrait in acryl. Although it didn't exactly turn out how I had envisioned, I think it looks quite alright. I really hope that once I'm done with the album I'll have more time to paint again. For me painting is one of those things in life that are frightening and liberating both at the same time.